• About us

    Our company was established in 1982 in Piraeus, as a subsidiary of Golden Union Shipping co SA, and deals in general ship supplies.

    It was originally called “Esperides SA”, and in 1996 was renamed "Cool Ship Supplies SA".

    Ever since we embarked on the journey to serve your needs, your opinions have mattered to us. Constant improvements to the quality of our offered products and services mean that we are your No1 supply partner choice. We are trusted and esteemed by you, our clients, meet your every need, anytime, at any and every Greek port and island, and all that, most importantly, within your budget.

    Cool Ship Supplies SA is an experienced well respected ship supply company, specializing in cruise vessels.

    Our policy is simple: complete customer satisfaction. This is achieved by employing and maintaining the highest quality standards in all our products and services.

    Providing innovative integrated services at all times is what we do best. We adhere to traditional principles of courtesy, promptness and reliability to ensure that your every need is met, your every question answered and your customer experience is unsurpassed.


    Food Safety Policy

    COOL SHIP SUPPLIES SA is active in the purchase, storage and handling of pre- packaged food. The company has developed and implemented a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) in line with the international standard ISO 22000: 2005 and the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution (Issue 3).

    Top Management of COOL SHIP SUPPLIES SA is committed to:

    •          Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
    •          Respect customers and consumers and meeting their needs and requirements.
    •          Recognize, evaluate and control any risk associated with the quality and the safety of the products.
    •          Keep up-to-date on new scientific data on food risks

    The FSMS applies to all parts of the company that are directly or indirectly involved in the handling of food at the stages of supply, receipt, storage and distribution. Responsibility of the company starts from the receipt of the products in its warehouse and ends with the delivery of products to the dock.


    To achieve this, the company:

    •           Installs food quality and safety objectives and monitors them periodically to ensure compliance with policy and continual improvement.
    •           Provides the necessary resources for infrastructure, work environment and human resources
    •           Has the necessary organizational structure and determines the required responsibilities.
    •           Recognizes the need to continuously train staff and provide the necessary training.
    •           Ensures effective internal and external communication on issues related to food safety.
    • Communicates this policy to all interested parties